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Build me a woman (on a lethal kind of DIY)…

January 27, 2013


Build me a Woman“ is a famous Jim Morrison hit… Obviously, the Doors bunch hadn‘t read Tomorrow’s Eve  by Villiers de l’Isle-Adam (1886, L’Eve Future)…

So, speaking of building a woman for oneself, like from an IKEA store, and of the Pygmalion complex : in Villiers de l’Isle-Adam‘s proto-SF novel Tomorrow’s Eve, the hero builds a female robot who fools everybody, behaving like a real woman (whatever that means)… until she (it !) starts adopting disturbing female attitudes…

She has perfect synthetic skin and flesh, speaks from a series of engraved cylinders that behave like a juke-box, and pretends to eat and drink… She even makes love convincingly, but… something is lacking… Now we come to the disturbing revelation… What could possibly make her behave like a real woman?

The final blow comes when the hero takes her (it) out to a select restaurant and at the end she becomes sulky and criticizes him for emptying the bottle of wine (she, of course, was only pretending to drink) as well as for gulping down his glass before leaving…

— „Don’t drink like you are desperate”, she says, pouting. “You should leave a little bit of wine in the glass“… „We don‘t want the waiters to think we are poor and have no manners“…

So… if this happens even when you build her yourself…

— N.1. On the “Pygmalion complex” see also “Agalmatorhemaphobia: the fear of speaking statues…” :

— N.2. On the “IKEA kit woman” see : “Incursiune în femeia IKEA și într-o sectă planetară…

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