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Why the Babel Tower was impossible to build (Athanasius Kircher gets clever and cleverer)…

February 3, 2013


In his hilarious book Turris Babel (Amsterdam 1679), written after his bestseller Arca Noe…


… our all-time favorite polymath Athanasius Kircher proves very graphically why the construction of the Babel tower was impossible and had to be abandoned:


… if the tower had been raised up to the Moon it would have had an unsettled balance, because of its small, spherical basis, being instantly pulled on its flank by its own weight.


Quoth God, sulkily: “I told you. See what’s happening when the Earth is not flat”?…


Cf.: Si Potopul a omorît toți peștii


  1. Hui! Very good. I’ve just written a book about Kircher:

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