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Albertus Magnus‘s clever virginity test…

September 30, 2013
ImageThat great luminary of the faith Saint Albertus Magnus was not only what we could call a ”Western yogi“ (in his “Book of Secrets” he details the benefits of drinking daily one‘s own urine), but he was also a shrewd expert of the female nature. He wrote a priceless survival guide for men, “De Secretis Mulierum“, which helps the careful reader not be fooled again.

Here is a precious trick :

”Listen fellows (sciatis autem socii mei), the signs of chastity are as follows: modesty (pudor veracundia), fear (timor), a chaste walk and speech, and casting down eyes before men. Some women are so clever, however (ita astutae inveniuntur), that they know how to resist detection by these signs, so we have to turn to their urine.

“The urine of virgins is clear and lucid (clara & lucida), sometimes white, sometimes opaque (glauca). If the urine is of a golden colour, clear and heavy, this is a sign of an appetite for pleasure, although it can also be found in women who are not corrupted. Corrupted women have a muddy urine and male sperm appears at the bottom of it.“

When in doubt, now you know what to do.


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